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GE Logiq 9

Radiology specific ultrasound system reconditioned to exacting CVS standards

The GE Logiq 9 represents the pinnacle of the Logiq ultrasound line and is aimed at a General Imaging or Radiology department.

Advantages of buying from CVS

  • Rigorous reconditioning process insures reliability
  • 1 year warranty with training & support (Optional)
  • Webcam for exclusive “Virtual onsite support & diagnostics”
  • Get trade-in credit for your old ultrasound machine
  • Financing available

GE Logiq 9 System Highlights

  • Prices start at $55k with a warranty
  • Coded Excitation & Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
  • TrueScan & ComfortScan
  • LOGIQView: Extended field of view
  • Voice-activated operation

GE Logiq 9 Features

  • Imaging: B-Mode, M-Mode, Color flow, PW, HPRF CW Doppler, Power Doppler with topographic and directional maps, B-flow, M-color flow, Anatomical M-Mode, 3D, 4D, Spectral Wave Doppler, Pulsatile flow
  • 17" LCD or 19" CRT monitor
  • 10.4" color LCD touch screen
  • OB/GYN, vascular & general calculations packages
  • Post exam 3-D Digital processing and manipulation
  • Post exam anatomic M-mode creation and adjustment
  • Post exam gain, magnification, and colorization control
  • Easy 3D (Baby Face)
  • 1024 system processing channel tech. digital beamformers
  • Duplex & Triplex
  • Coded harmonics
  • Programmable keys for one-touch efficiency
  • Height adjustable keyboard
  • Speakers and microphone
  • Four active probe ports
  • 80 GB hard drive (60 GB for images)
  • On-board patient, image and reporting archive
  • Patient information database
  • CD-R drive
  • MO drive
  • PCMCIA and USB ports
  • Cable management system
  • Integrated gel warmer
  • 150+ Frames per second truedigital imaging
  • 128 MB CINE memory with CINE review & 4 speeds
  • Dimensions: 55"to 63" tall x 25" wide x 35" deep, 434 lbs.

GE Logiq 9 Probe/Transducers

  • 4D linear probe 4D16L (4.5-16 mhz)
  • 4D linear probe 4D10L (3.5-10 mhz)
  • 4D convex probe 4D3C (2-5 mhz)
  • 4D convex probe 4D8C (3.5-9 mhz)
  • 4D Endocavitary probe 4DE7C (3.5-10 mhz)
  • Matrix convex probe M7C (2.5-8 mhz)
  • Convex probe 4C (1.5-4.5 mhz)
  • Convex probe 2.5C (2-5 mhz)
  • Microconvex probe 8C (3.5-11.5 mhz)
  • Endocavitary probe E8C (3.5-11.5 mhz)
  • Phased arrray probe 3S (1.5-3.5 mhz)
  • Phased arrray probe 4S (1.5 -5 mhz)
  • Phased arrray probe 10S (4-10.5 mhz)
  • Matrix linear probe M12L (5-13 mhz)
  • Linear probe 9L (2.5-8 mhz)
  • Linear probe 7L (2.5-7 mhz)
  • Linear probe 10L (3.5-9.5 mhz)
  • Non-imaging probe 6Dp CWD (5 mhz)
  • Intraoperative probe I12L (4.5-11.5 mhz)
  • Intraoperative probe I739 (3.5-9.5 mhz)
  • Intraoperative probe T739 (3.5-9.5 mhz)

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GE Logiq 9 History & Software Revs

  • Produced from 2001 to the present

GE Logiq 9 Options

  • 1-5 year extended Omnicare service plans
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Anatomical M-mode
  • 4D
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Find the Logiq 9 that best fits your needs

CVS has been reconditioning ultrasound machines since 1992. Let us help you sort through these important choices to find the right system at the right price. By asking a few questions over the phone we can suggest the right revision of this machine, options and probes to meet your specific needs.

Warranty, Training & Support included

OmniCare service contracts offer you much more than technical support. OmniCare also includes:

  • Optional small monthly credit card payments
  • Webcam based "Video support" for more accurate diagnostics
  • System optimization by staff clinical specialists
  • Phone support by factory trained service engineers
  • Rollover service credit to the next year for low usage
  • System optimization by staff clinical specialists
  • Huge inventory of parts for repairs or upgrades

DICOM: pretested, preloaded, and support included

When you purchase a DICOM enabled imaging system from CVS, it's delivered to you, network ready. We preload it with the settings that you provide to us. We provide to you the information that your IT department will need to enter on your server. We even send test images to our own quality assurance DICOM system so you can be confident that your system will be ready to go from day one. In addition, we provide an hour of support to assist your IT professional in verifying DICOM functionality. Need additional help? We have the experience and the expertise for even the toughest integration jobs. Call us for a quote.

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